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  1. Improvement of RocksDB Performance via Large-Scale Parameter Analysis and Optimization

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  4. Alsat-2B/Sentinel-2 Imagery Classification Using the Hybrid Pigeon Inspired Optimization Algorithm

  5. Strategy for Task Offloading of Multi-user andMulti-server Based on Cost Optimization inMobile Edge Computing Environment

  6. An Offloading Scheduling Strategy with MinimizedPower Overhead for Internet of Vehicles Based onMobile Edge Computing

  7. Personalized Web Service Recommendation Method Based on Hybrid Social Network and Multi-Objective Immune Optimization

  8. An Efficient Load Balancing Scheme for Gaming Server Using Proximal Policy Optimization Algorithm

  9. Optimal Two-Section Layouts for the Two-Dimensional Cutting Problem

  10. Query Optimization on Large Scale Nested Data with Service Tree and Frequent Trajectory