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  1. Image Denoising via Fast and Fuzzy Non-local Means Algorithm

  2. Health and Wellness Monitoring Using Intelligent Sensing Technique

  3. An Improved Level Set Method to Image Segmentation Based on Saliency

  4. A Multi-Level Integrator with Programming Based Boosting for Person Authentication Using Different Biometrics

  5. LBP and DWT Based Fragile Watermarking for Image Authentication

  6. GLIBP: Gradual Locality Integration of Binary Patterns for Scene Images Retrieval

  7. On Modification and Application of the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

  8. Vocal Effort Detection Based on Spectral Information Entropy Feature and Model Fusion

  9. Face Recognition Based on the Combination of Enhanced Local Texture Feature and DBN under Complex Illumination Conditions

  10. A Development of LDA Topic Association Systems Based on Spark-Hadoop Framework