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  1. Combination of Classifiers Decisions for Multilingual Speaker Identification

  2. XSSClassifier: An Efficient XSS Attack Detection Approach Based on Machine Learning Classifier on SNSs

  3. A Contour Descriptors-Based Generalized Scheme for Handwritten Odia Numerals Recognition

  4. A New Image Clustering Method Based on the Fuzzy Harmony Search Algorithm and Fourier Transform

  5. A Comprehensive Review of Emerging Computational Methods for Gene Identification

  6. A Real-Time Integrated Hierarchical Temporal Memory Network for the Real-Time Continuous Multi-Interval Prediction of Data Streams

  7. Multimodal Biometric Using a Hierarchical Fusion of a Person’s Face, Voice, and Online Signature

  8. Graphemes Segmentation for Arabic Online Handwriting Modeling

  9. Region-Based Facial Expression Recognition in Still Images

  10. A Cross-Layer Unequal Error Protection Scheme for Prioritized H.264 Video using RCPC Codes and Hierarchical QAM