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  1. Evaluating Service Description to Guarantee Quality of U-service Ontology

  2. Virus Detection Method based on Behavior Resource Tree

  3. Effective Partitioning of Static Global Buses for Small Processor Arrays

  4. An Embedding of Multiple Edge-Disjoint Hamiltonian Cycles on Enhanced Pyramid Graphs

  5. DEESR: Dynamic Energy Efficient and Secure Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks in Urban Environments

  6. Fault-tolerant ZigBee-based Automatic Meter Reading Infrastructure
    Kwang-il Hwang
    Vol. 5, No. 4, pp. 221-228, Dec. 2009
    Keywords: AMR, AMI, Fault Tolerance, ZigBee

  7. On Effective Slack Reclamation in Task Scheduling for Energy Reduction

  8. Utility-based Rate Allocation Scheme for Mobile Video Streaming over Femtocell Networks

  9. Study on Preemptive Real-Time Scheduling Strategy for Wireless Sensor Networks

  10. Autonomic Self Healing-Based Load Assessment for Load Division in OKKAM Backbone Cluster