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  1. A Secure Operating System Architecture Based on Linux against Communication Offense with Root Exploit for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  2. Optimization of Pipelined Discrete Wavelet Packet Transform Based on an Efficient Transpose Form and an Advanced Functional Sharing Technique

  3. Digitalization of Seafarer's Book for Authentication and e-Navigation

  4. An Internet of Things System Architecture for Aiding Firefighters in the Scene of Disaster

  5. Dynamic Cloud Resource Reservation Model Based on Trust

  6. Mobility Scenarios into Future Wireless Access Network

  7. An Architecture for Home-Oriented IPTV Service Platform on Residential Gateway

  8. Energy Efficient Architecture Using Hardware Acceleration for Software Defined Radio Components

  9. Development of an OPC Client-Server Framework for Monitoring and Control Systems

  10. Security Framework for RFID-based Applications in Smart Home Environment