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  1. Zero-Watermarking Algorithm in Transform Domain Based on RGB Channel and Voting Strategy

  2. A Synchronization Scheme Based on Moving Average for Robust Audio Watermarking

  3. Wavelet-based Digital Image Watermarking by using Lorenz Chaotic Signal Localization

  4. LBP and DWT Based Fragile Watermarking for Image Authentication

  5. Review on Self-embedding Fragile Watermarking for Image Authentication and Self-recovery

  6. Review on Digital Image Watermarking Based on Singular Value Decomposition

  7. An Improved Secure Semi-fragile Watermarking Based on LBP and Arnold Transform

  8. Copyright Protection for Digital Image by Watermarking Technique

  9. Fragile Watermarking Based on LBP for Blind Tamper Detection in Images

  10. Discrete Wavelet Transform and a Singular Value Decomposition Technique for Watermarking Based on an Adaptive Fuzzy Inference System
    Salima Lalani, D. D. Doye
    Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 340-347, Apr. 2017
    Keywords: DWT, Fuzzy, SVD, watermarking