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  1. Three-Dimensional Shape Recognition and Classification Using Local Features of Model Views and Sparse Representation of Shape Descriptors

  2. Fire Detection Using Multi-Channel Information and Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Image Features

  3. A Contour Descriptors-Based Generalized Scheme for Handwritten Odia Numerals Recognition

  4. A Multiple Features Video Copy Detection Algorithm Based on a SURF Descriptor

  5. Evaluation of Histograms Local Features and Dimensionality Reduction for 3D Face Verification

  6. Analysis of Semantic Relations Between Multimodal Medical Images Based on Coronary Anatomy for Acute Myocardial Infarction

  7. A Robust Fingerprint Matching System Using Orientation Features

  8. Graphemes Segmentation for Arabic Online Handwriting Modeling

  9. Region-Based Facial Expression Recognition in Still Images

  10. A Robust Face Detection Method Based on Skin Color and Edges