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  1. Sparsification of Digital Images Using Discrete Rajan Transform

  2. Image-Centric Integrated Data Model of Medical Information by Diseases: Two Case Studies for AMI and Ischemic Stroke

  3. Accelerating Group Fusion for Ligand-Based Virtual Screening on Multi-core and Many-core Platforms

  4. Treatment Planning in Smart Medical: A Sustainable Strategy

  5. A Novel Approach for Integrating Security in Business Rules Modeling Using Agents and an Encryption Algorithm

  6. Segmentation and Recognition of Korean Vehicle License Plate Characters Based on the Global Threshold Method and the Cross-Correlation Matching Algorithm

  7. Homogeneous and Non-homogeneous Polynomial Based Eigenspaces to Extract the Features on Facial Images

  8. [EDITORIAL] Advances in Multimedia Computing and Security and the Introduction of New Senior Editors

  9. Audio Data Hiding Based on Sample Value Modification Using Modulus Function

  10. HB-DIPM: Human Behavior Analysis-Based Malware Detection and Intrusion Prevention Model in the Future Internet