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  1. The Method for Generating Recommended Candidates through Prediction of Multi-Criteria Ratings Using CNN-BiLSTM

  2. Digital Signage System Based on IntelligentRecommendation Model in Edge Environment:The Case of Unmanned Store

  3. Design of Image Generation System for DCGAN-Based Kids’ Book Text
    Jaehyeon Cho, Nammee Moon
    Vol. 16, No. 6, pp. 1437-1446, Dec. 2020

    Keywords: DCGAN, NLTK, OCR

  4. User Modeling Using User Preference and User Life Pattern Based on Personal Bio Data and SNS Data

  5. Sector Based Multiple Camera Collaboration for Active Tracking Applications

  6. Content Modeling Based on Social Network Community Activity

  7. Design of Multi-dimensional Contents Retrieval UI for Mobile IPTV

  8. A Cultural Dimensions Model based on Smart Phone Applications